Lane & Jayden | Married |Lethbridge, AB

Lane & Jayden | Married |Lethbridge, AB

These bouquets are from a wedding that I designed in July. All of the blooms come from my gardens. It's so satisfying to wander the gardens, pick the flowers, and then design something beautiful with them. This bouquet has peonies, anemones, sweet williams, ranunculus, roses, bunny tails and eucalyptus.

Two of the first questions that I ask brides are....what is your choice for a colour palette and what is your wedding date? I then go through past years photos to see what flowers were blooming around their wedding date in that colour. We then go through all the options. Brides also come to the gardens about 2 weeks before the wedding and choose which blooms they like. We play and create a mini bouquet so we get a feel for what it would look like.  This is how we came up with Jayden's stunning bouquet.


Above photos are taken by Jessie Crawford Photography.

These next photos I have captured. This is the bride's bouquet.

This is the bridesmaid's bouquet.

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