Justin & Ayan | Married | Norland Historic Estate

Justin & Ayan | Married | Norland Historic Estate

This wedding was so fun to do!  Firstly, because it was my first large project ever. When I met Ayan in our consult, and she explained what her vision was, I was overwhelmed and scared because this was much bigger than I was comfortable with. With trepidation I told her "sure I can do it!" and I did with a lot of help from Gloria, a retired florist who came to help me design.

Secondly, the wedding was at the Norland Historic Estate Wedding and Event Venue.  As a photographer it was always on my bucket list to photograph a wedding here but never got the opportunity.  Well, here we are as a florist getting the chance to work here. Of course I came camera in hand and took my own photos.

Ayan chose a white and green palette with hints of blush. We used roses, hydrangea, carnations and eucalyptus. The centerpieces were along the aisle during their outdoor ceremony and then later moved into the venue and put on the tables.

Thank you, Ayan and Justin, for your faith in my ability to make your wedding day special when I wasn't so sure of myself. 

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