Wedding Designs

Beautiful florals for your wedding day!

Beautiful florals for your wedding day. Custom designs to suit your tastes. I do things a little differently and I need your trust on this. This idea has worked very well for my past brides.

Brides with mom or friends come out to the gardens about a week before the wedding and choose what will be in their bouquets based on what is in bloom at that time.  I have a pretty good idea from previous years. Some brides can't make it out so then I design based on their choice of colour palette.

If garden flowers are not for you or your wedding is outside of our growing season, I can create wedding designs to suit. I love the challenge of creating bouquets and custom pieces for your wedding day. These could include flowers like roses, mums, carnations, proteas and so many other novelty blooms that we can't grow here. For these kinds of wedding florals the minimum for small weddings is $500.

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